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Stanley Donen war ein US-amerikanischer Regisseur und Choreograf. Er galt als einer der wichtigsten Regisseure in der Geschichte des Musicalfilms und drehte Filmklassiker wie Singin’ in the Rain und Charade. Für sein Lebenswerk erhielt er den. Stanley Donen (* April in Columbia, South Carolina; † Februar in Manhattan, New York) war ein US-amerikanischer Regisseur und. Einer der letzten Protagonisten von Hollywoods goldenem Zeitalter ist tot: Stanley Donen führte Regie bei großen Musicals, drehte aber auch. Hier finden Sie Informationen und Produktempfehlungen zu Stanley Donen im Online-Shop von Gemeinschaftswerk von Gene Kelly und Stanley Donen: Das Filmmusical „Singin​' in the Rain“ ist ein Klassiker des Genres. Quelle: picture.

Stanley Donen

Suchergebnis auf für: Stanley Donen. Hepburn, Cary Grant, et al. Regie: Stanley Donen. Laufzeit: 1 Std. 53 Min. Einer der letzten Protagonisten von Hollywoods goldenem Zeitalter ist tot: Stanley Donen führte Regie bei großen Musicals, drehte aber auch. Der geborene und ehemalige Tänzer und Choreograf Stanley Donen war einer der Meister des Musicals und der eleganten Gesellschaftskomödie. Donen​. New York Press. He then broke his contract with MGM to become an independent producer in Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Jane Powell plays Milly, an s frontierswoman who marries Dr Who Staffel 11 Stream Howard Keel only hours after meeting. Silverman said film critics consider Donen's approach to be better suited for dance sequences. January speaking, Giovanni Versace happens, Stanley Donen

Two for the Road Director. Self - Interviewee. Story Tycoons Documentary Self. Self - Guest.

Self - Contributor. Self - Jury Member. Related Videos. Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: If we remade Singin' in the Rain today, when Gene Kelly sings in the rain, I think he'd be looking around to make sure he wasn't going to get mugged.

Trivia: He has sons named Peter and Joshua, and the name "Peter Joshua" gets used in his movie "Charade", although it's not clear if this is a reference to his sons.

Self - Interviewee. Story Tycoons Documentary Self. Self - Guest. Self - Contributor. Self - Jury Member. Related Videos.

Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: If we remade Singin' in the Rain today, when Gene Kelly sings in the rain, I think he'd be looking around to make sure he wasn't going to get mugged.

Trivia: He has sons named Peter and Joshua, and the name "Peter Joshua" gets used in his movie "Charade", although it's not clear if this is a reference to his sons.

The film is best known for its groundbreaking scene in which Kelly dances with Jerry the Mouse from the Tom and Jerry cartoons. This would be the first time in feature film history that hand drawn animation would be blended with live action footage.

According to Barbera "the net result at the preview of Anchors Away that I went to, blew the audience away. While Kelly completed his service in the U.

Naval Air Service as a photographer from to , [2] Donen worked uncredited as a choreographer on musical films.

Of this period Donen said, "I practiced my craft, working with music, track and photography. I often directed the sequences.

I always tried to have an original idea about how to do musical sequences. Kelly and Donen had hoped to co-direct the film, but Freed hired Busby Berkeley instead and they only directed Kelly's dance numbers.

The film was an adaptation of the Betty Comden and Adolph Green Broadway musical about sailors on leave in New York City and was the first musical to feature location filming.

Donen and Kelly had wanted to shoot the entire film in New York, but Freed would only allow them to spend one week away from the studio.

That week produced the film's opening number " New York, New York ". These techniques included spatial jump cuts , degree pans, hidden cameras, abrupt changes of screen direction and non-professional actors.

Donen's biographer Joseph A. Casper stated that the scene avoids being gratuitous or amateurish, while still "developing plot, describing the setting while conveying its galvanizing atmosphere and manic mood, introducing and delineating character.

The film was a success both financially and critically. Like Orson Welles , Donen made his directorial debut at I was behind the camera in the dramatic and musical sequences.

I thought we complemented each other very well" he said. His next two films were for Freed, but without Kelly. Royal Wedding [11] starred Astaire and Jane Powell as a brother-sister American dancing team performing in England during the royal wedding of Elizabeth and Philip in Judy Garland was originally cast in the lead role, but was fired for absenteeism due to illness and replaced by Powell.

The film is loosely based on Astaire's real-life career with his sister and early dancing partner, Adele Astaire , who retired after marrying an English lord in and includes one of Astaire's best remembered dance sequences, the " You're All the World to Me " number where he appears to defy gravity by dancing first on the walls and then on the ceiling.

The shot was achieved by building the set inside a steel-reinforced rotating cylindrical chamber, with the camera attached to the cylinder.

Both Astaire and the film's lyricist Alan Jay Lerner claimed that they thought of the idea. Donen and Kelly appear in cameo roles. Kelly was at the height of his fame after the release of An American in Paris He then re-teamed with Donen to make Singin' in the Rain , which would become one of the most highly praised films of all time.

Freed wanted to make a musical using old songs that he and composer Nacio Herb Brown had written in the late s and early s.

Comden, Green and Donen interviewed everyone at MGM who was in Hollywood during that period, [14] : 19 poking fun at both the first movie musicals and the technical difficulties with early sound films.

In the film, Don Lockwood Kelly and Lina Lamont Hagen are two silent film stars in Hollywood whose careers are threatened by the invention of "talkies".

With help from his best friend Cosmo Brown O'Connor and love interest Kathy Selden Reynolds , Lockwood saves his career by turning his latest film into a musical.

Singin' in the Rain got pulled from many theaters to showcase the earlier film, preventing it from making further profits.

Based on a true story, the film stars Carleton Carpenter as a GI who brings his tame lion with him when he joins the army.

The "Give a Girl a Break" dance between Reynolds and Fosse was choreographed backwards and then played in reverse to create the illusion that the two are surrounded by hundreds of balloons that instantly appear at the touch of their fingers.

Donen solidified his solo career and scored another hit with the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Jane Powell plays Milly, an s frontierswoman who marries Adam Howard Keel only hours after meeting him.

When she returns with Adam to his log cabin in the Oregon backwoods, Milly discovers that her husband's six brothers are uncivilized and oafish.

She makes it her mission to domesticate them and, upon Milly's sarcastic suggestion, the brothers kidnap six women from a neighboring town to marry them.

The film was shot in the new CinemaScope format and is remembered for its dance sequences, particularly the " barn raising scene" in which architecture and construction become acrobatic ballet steps.

Although it received mediocre reviews, Romberg's status helped make the film a hit. Donen's third and final directorial collaboration with Kelly was It's Always Fair Weather , another musical.

Originally envisioned as a sequel to On the Town , Kelly, Dailey and Kidd play three ex-GIs who reunite 10 years after World War II and discover that none of their lives have turned out how they had expected.

Their friendship deteriorated during production [2] and Donen noted, "the atmosphere from day one was very tense and nobody was speaking to anybody.

It was Donen's last film with Kelly or Freed. Donen's next film was at Paramount Pictures for producer Roger Edens.

Funny Face contains four of the original George and Ira Gershwin songs from the otherwise unrelated Broadway musical of the same name that had starred Fred Astaire.

Loosely based on the life of fashion photographer Richard Avedon , who was also the visual consultant and designed the opening title sequence for the film, it was written by Leonard Gershe and included additional music by Gershe and Edens.

Eventually a deal was reached that both released Donen from his MGM contract and allowed him to make his next two films at Paramount and Warner Brothers respectively.

As part of the deal to secure the Warner-owned Gershwin music he wanted for Funny Face , Donen accepted the offer [4] : and he and Abbott co-directed the film version.

Raitt plays a plant supervisor at a nightwear factory who is in constant disputes with the plant's union organizer Day , until they end up falling in love.

The Pajama Game exists to prove it. Donen's next film was Kiss Them for Me also He was personally asked by Cary Grant to direct and began developing it while still under contract at MGM.

Unlike On the Town , Kiss Them for Me is a dark comedy that contrasts the officers' selfless heroism with their self-absorbed hedonism while on leave.

The film received mostly poor reviews. After three films released in , Donen became an independent producer and director.

Donen and Grant inaugurated their company with Indiscreet , based on a play by Norman Krasna and starring Grant and Ingrid Bergman.

Because of Bergman's schedule, the film was shot on location in London. Bergman plays a famous and reclusive actress who falls in love with the supposedly married playboy-diplomat Grant.

When Bergman discovers that he has been lying about having a wife, she concocts a charade with another man in order to win Grant's full affection.

A scene in the film involves Donen's clever circumvention of the strict Production Code. In the scene, Grant is in Paris while Bergman is still in London and the two exchange pillow talk over the phone.

Donen used a split screen of the two stars with synchronized movements to make it appear as though they were in the same bed together.

The film was a financial and critical success, [5] : and Donen was compared to such directors as Ernst Lubitsch and George Cukor.

Donen briefly returned to the musical genre with Damn Yankees! He again co-directed with Abbott in the same hands-off collaboration as their first film.

Damn Yankees! Walston plays the Brooks Brothers -attired Devil who grants the fan his wish and transforms him into the muscular young hitter Joe Hardy Hunter.

After Indiscreet Donen made England his home until the early s. He observed that his "London base afforded me the advantage of being away from the Hollywood rat race.

Just going your own way in spite of whatever anyone else is doing or in spite of what you've done already was satisfying.

I also had the advantage of the European influence: their way of looking at life, of making movies. In the late s, Donen signed a non-exclusive, three-film deal with Columbia Pictures.

Adapted by Harry Kurnitz from his own stage play, the film was shot in Paris and starred Yul Brynner as a tyrannical orchestra conductor whose mistress Kay Kendall grows tired of his tantrums and plots to marry him in order to quickly divorce him for his money.

Kendall was terminally ill with leukemia during the shoot and died before its release. The film was not successful financially or critically.

Donen quickly re-teamed with Brynner and Kurnitz for the film Surprise Package also In this film Brynner plays an American gangster who is deported to the Greek island of Rhodes.

The film was not a financial success, and Donen stated that it was made because he "desperately needed money for personal reasons.

The studio cancelled the deal after their poor box-office returns, and Donen was unable to produce the projects that he was pursuing at that time: playwright Robert Bolt 's A Man for All Seasons and A Patch of Blue , both of which became successful films for other directors.

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr play the earl and countess of a large estate in England who are forced to permit guided tours of their mansion in order to help their financial problems.

Robert Mitchum plays an American oil tycoon who falls in love with Kerr and Jean Simmons plays an eccentric American heiress who is Grant's former girlfriend.

The film was a financial disappointment in the United States, but was successful in England where the original stage version had been a West End hit.

Donen said that he had "always wanted to make a movie like one of my favorites, Hitchcock 's North by Northwest " [5] : and the film has been referred to as "the best Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock never made.

Peter Joshua Grant befriends Reggie and helps her fight off the three thugs while the two begin to fall in love. Kennedy , and the word "assassinate" had to be redubbed twice.

He is approached by a Middle Eastern prime minister to investigate an organization that is attempting to assassinate him and uses hieroglyphic codes to communicate.

The investigation leads Peck to one mystery after another, often involving the prime minister's mysterious mistress Loren.

The film was Donen's second consecutive hit. The film was conceived by Donen and written by novelist Frederic Raphael , who was nominated for an Academy Award.

It was moderately successful at the box-office while the critical reception was extremely mixed. While living in England, Donen became an admirer of the British stage revue Beyond the Fringe and wished to work with two of the show's participants, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

Moore plays a lonely young man whose unrequited love of his co-worker Bron drives him to attempt suicide.

Just then the devil Cook appears and offers him seven wishes in exchange for his soul. The film's fun-loving association with the Swinging London of the s divided critics, but Roger Ebert called its satire "barbed and contemporary Staircase is Donen's adaptation of the autobiographical stage play by Charles Dyer with music by Dudley Moore.

Rex Harrison and Richard Burton star as a middle-aged gay couple who run a London barber shop and live together in a "bad marriage".

It received poor reviews upon release, but was re-evaluated by film critic Armond White in He called the film "a rare Hollywood movie to depict gay experience with wisdom, humor and warmth", and "a lost treasure".

After Donen's marriage to Adelle Beatty ended, he moved back to Hollywood in Lyricist Alan Jay Lerner and composer Frederick Loewe wrote the music and screenplay and filming was done on location in Tunisia.

It was Donen's first musical film since Damn Yankees! Although it contained very little dancing, Fosse choreographed his own dance scenes as the snake.

Lerner stated that Donen "took it upon himself to change every tempo, delete musical phrases at will and distort the intention of every song until the entire score was unrecognizable".

Minnelli plays a Prohibition era bootlegger who smuggles alcohol from Mexico to California with the help of Hackman and Reynolds, who both compete for her affection.

Donen stated that he "really cared about [the film] and gave three years of my life to it I think it's a very good movie. Most critics were unenthusiastic; however, Jay Cocks praised the film for having "the glistening surface and full-throttle frivolity that characterized Hollywood films in the s.

The film is actually two shorter films presented as an old fashioned double feature , complete with a fake movie trailer and an introduction by comedian George Burns.

It starred George C. The first of the two films is Dynamite Hands , a black and white tribute to boxing — morality films.

The second film is Baxter's Beauties of , a tribute to the extravagant musicals of Busby Berkeley. Donen first read the script when its writer and Movie Movie ' s set designer John Barry showed it to him, prompting Donen to pass it along to Lew Grade.

Donen was initially hired to produce, but Grade asked him to complete the film when first-time director Barry was unable to direct.

Donen eventually dropped out of the project and David Cronenberg directed the film a few years later.

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Singin' in the Rain, by Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly (1952) - Good Morning Weitere Artikel finden Sie in:. Confirmed by one of his sons this morning: Director Stanley Donen has died at Lassen Sie diesen Leckerbissen nicht in Ihrer Sammlung fehlen. Anmelden Konto anlegen. Was hat denn zum Read more noch mal Charade mit Star Think, Infinity War Streaming All zu tun? San Francisco International Film Kitchen Deutsch. Charade Blu-ray. Reggie Lambert Audrey Hepburn steht gerade kurz vor der Scheidung von ihrem Ehemann, als sie herausfindet, dass ihr Gatte Filmy Fantastyczne 2019 nur ermordet Thevoice Kids ist, sondern oben-drein vor seinem Tod den gesamten gemeinsamen Besitz zu Bargeld gemacht hat - allerdings fehlt von dem Geld jede Spur. Bei Charade fallen mir eher Hitchcock, Spionagethriller. Mehr zum Thema. Pfeil nach rechts.

Everything New on Hulu in June. Share this page:. In Memoriam Stars We've Lost. The best 50 movie director. Best Directors. Do you have a demo reel?

Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Stanley Donen's work have you seen? Known For. Charade Director.

Self - Contributor. Self - Jury Member. Related Videos. Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: If we remade Singin' in the Rain today, when Gene Kelly sings in the rain, I think he'd be looking around to make sure he wasn't going to get mugged.

Trivia: He has sons named Peter and Joshua, and the name "Peter Joshua" gets used in his movie "Charade", although it's not clear if this is a reference to his sons.

Nickname: The King of Musicals. Star Sign: Aries. Edit page. Clear your history. Donen and Kelly tested the limits of film's potential with the Jerry the Mouse dance in Anchors Aweigh , one of the first films where a live action character dances with an animated one.

By the time they made Take Me Out to the Ball Game they had perfected what Martin Rubin called an "indication of changing trends in musical films" which differed from the Berkeley spectacles towards "relatively small-scale affairs that place the major emphasis on comedy, transitions to the narrative, the cleverness of the lyrics and the personalities and performance skills of the stars, rather than on spectacle and group dynamics.

Both Donen and Kelly found working with Berkeley difficult, [14] : 37 and the director left before the film's completion. When Donen and Kelly released On the Town , they boldly opened the film with an extravagant musical number shot on location in New York with fast-paced editing and experimental camera work, thus breaking from the conventions of that time.

Their most celebrated film Singin' in the Rain is appropriately a musical about the birth of the movie musical.

The film includes a musical montage which Donen said was "doing Busby Berkeley here, only we're making fun of him. Charness singled out the film's famous title number and states, "it's a very kinetic moment, for though there is no technically accomplished dance present, the feeling of swinging around in a circle with an open umbrella is a brilliantly apt choice of movement, one that will be readily identifiable by an audience which might know nothing kinesthetically of actual dance Accompanying this movement is a breathless pullback into a high crane shot that takes place at the same time Kelly is swinging into his widest arcs with the umbrella.

The effect is dizzying. Perhaps the finest single example of the application of camera know-how to a dance moment in Donen-Kelly canon.

Gene and I didn't go that far. In 'Moses Supposes', he and Donald sort of talk themselves into a song. Donen's relationship with Gene Kelly was complicated and he often spoke bitterly about his former friend and mentor decades after they worked together.

Kelly was never explicitly negative about Donen in later years. At age 7 Coyne enrolled in the Gene Kelly Studio of Dance in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and developed a schoolgirl crush on him [4] : 97 [14] : 40 [45] : 29 In her twenties she was cast in Best Foot Forward , where she reconnected with Kelly and first met Donen, [45] : 89 later moving to Hollywood with them.

Rumors held that Kelly and Coyne were having an affair both during and after Coyne's marriage to Donen, [45] : as well as that Donen was in love with Kelly's first wife Betsy Blair.

However, she does state that Donen's marriage to Coyne was unhappy [48] : and that Donen was very close to both her and Kelly. Kelly said that Donen's impulsive marriage to Coyne showed an emotional immaturity and lack of good judgment, [45] : and stated that "Jeannie's marriage to Stanley was doomed from the start.

Because every time Stanley looked at Jeannie, he saw Betsy, whom he loved; and every time Jeannie looked at Stanley, I guess she saw me.

One way or another it was all pretty incestuous. They married in and had two children together. Donen and Kelly's relationship has been described as similar to that of the characters Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown in Singin' in the Rain , with Kelly as the star performer and Donen as his trusted sidekick.

Many people believe that Donen owed everything to Kelly, and Kelly biographer Clive Hirschhorn described Donen as having "no particular identity or evident talent Other tensions included Donen's hit films [5] : 84 [45] : as compared to Vincente Minnelli's Brigadoon which Kelly was closely involved in and had wanted to direct [45] : — and Kelly's own ambitious film Invitation to Dance , both of which were financially unsuccessful.

In later years, Donen would state that he had nothing nice to say about Kelly. And he got his money's worth out of me. The relative importance of the two men's contributions has been debated by critics.

David Thomson wrote about "the problem in assessing [Donen's] career: who did what in their collaboration? And what is Donen's real standing as a director?

However, actress Kathleen Freeman stated that when people visited set of Singin' in the Rain to relate their experiences during the silent era, they would ask to speak with Kelly.

Stan had some good ideas and worked with Gene, but he was still the 'office boy' to Gene, in a sense, although Gene had great respect for him.

Kelly's film Hello, Dolly! Donen married and divorced five times and had three children. His first wife was dancer, choreographer and actress Jeanne Coyne.

They married on April 14, and divorced in May The two boys first names put together provided the name for Cary Grant's character in the movie Charade.

Donen and Marshall were married from until They had a lengthy custody battle over their two sons after Marshall married Wagner and Donen moved to England.

She had previously been the second wife of the 2nd Earl Beatty. They married in , had one son Mark Donen, born , and lived together in London.

They were married from until , but remained close friends after their divorce. Donen proposed to her four days after having met her.

They were married from until In the early s, Donen dated actress Judy Holliday while working on Broadway. He also designed the title credits for Blame It on Rio.

He died of a heart attack in at age In December it was announced that Donen was in pre-production for a new film co-written with Elaine May, to be produced by Mike Nichols.

This retrospective included a tour of Donen's childhood neighborhood, a lecture by Steven Silverman and film screenings at the Nickelodeon movie theater , which Donen frequented as a child.

In addition to May, he is survived by two sons and a sister. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American film director and choreographer.

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Stanley Donen came and spoke at my school. When visiting New York, I will opinion The Looming Tower like not bumping into him on his daily walks and hearing him talking about life and film, which for Stanley were inseparable. San Francisco International Film Festival. Jekyll und Mr. Artikel am Lager. Anmelden Konto anlegen. Bis heute wird der Film immer wieder in die Listen der besten Filme aufgenommen: Er begeistert "mit viel Musik, vielen More info, rauschenden Tanzvisionen", so Karasek. Suchergebnis auf für: Stanley Donen. Hepburn, Cary Grant, et al. Regie: Stanley Donen. Laufzeit: 1 Std. 53 Min. Der geborene und ehemalige Tänzer und Choreograf Stanley Donen war einer der Meister des Musicals und der eleganten Gesellschaftskomödie. Donen​. Eine Braut für sieben Brüder ("Seven Brides For Seven Brothers") (USA) mit. Howard Keel, Russ Tamblyn Regie: Stanley Donen Länge: Min. Wie die Söhne von Stanley Donen bestätigten, ist der legendäre Regisseur nun im Alter von 94 Jahren verstorben. Donen kam nach dem. Ihre Suche nach "stanley donen" ergab Treffer. Sortieren nach: Bitte auswählen, Interpret A-Z, Interpret Z-A, Titel A-Z, Titel Z-A, Preis aufsteigend, Preis. Der Zuschauer wird in diesem prominent besetzten Film sehr glaubwürdig, Kong Stream King Lebt über weite Strecken, auf die falsche Https:// gehetzt. National Board of Review. Für sein Lebenswerk erhielt er den Ehrenoscar sowie den Goldenen Löwen. Lesen Sie link. Leider ist die Wahnsinns nicht die Read more, was mich allerdings dank der tollen Krimigeschichte Quelle: Getty Images.

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